The Best Wooden Garden Gazebos To Buy

The Best Wooden Garden Gazebos To Buy


You would appreciate the beauty a wooden garden gazebo brings. This structure serves as a quiet place to sit and breathe in fresh air as well as enjoy a meal with friends and family.

There are many types of gazebos to choose from you can buy a semi-open roof that provides shade for relaxing or a waterproof shingles that protect you and your hot tub from harsh weathers.

What are most popular wooden gazebo for hot tub?

The most popular wooden gazebos for hot tub are the ones that are octangle or rectangle in shape and should suit the size and style of your backyard. There are many ways to purchase a gazebo, but for this post, I’ll focus on ready-made kits.

A ready-made wooden gazebo kit saves you the hassle of designing a blueprint you do need a considerable amount of skills to assemble it but in cases you don’t you can buy the ones that offer free installment.

What To Know

What is Timber Pressure Treatment?

“Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. The preservative is forced into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface.
All other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. With pressure impregnated timber, the chemicals are permanently fixed in the wood”.

According to

All wooden gazebos are ideal for

  • Hot tubs.
  • Chairs and table for dining.
  • Wedding Venue.
  • Relaxing.
  • Adds value to your home.

Here is a list of the best wooden gazebos to buy in no particular order:

Checo Home And Wooden
Garden Gazebo

I love the look of the Checo wooden octagonal gazebo you can see from the picture its unique design provides unlimited ventilation and stays sturdy during windy conditions.

It’s a perfect mixture of pine and spruce wood which makes it very lightweight and durable as pine resists shrinking and swelling also pinewood takes to paint better than any timber. 

Key Features/Pros

Is it Water-proof?
 Yes, the Cheo octagonal has shafts that keep rain out during those wet conditions in the UK.

Is it versatile?
This gazebo is not only suitable for hot tubs but looks beautiful in your patio the company supplies screw down flat based for wooden structures and concrete patios.

Pressure Treated
Pressure treated timber protects your gazebo against rot, decay, fungal and insects as well as extend the longevity of the wood.

The Checo Pavilion octagonal is large enough to fit a table and chairs and for a family of 5 who loves to dine outdoors.

The Dimensions

Height: 8 feet and 6 inches (260cm).
Length: 11 feet and 6 inches (350cm).
Width: 11 feet and 6 inches (350cm).
Posts: 70 mm.
Roof board thickness: 16 mm.
Entrance height: 6 feet (180cm).
Overall weight: 530kg.

What are the Cons? The floor is not included.


Dunster House Wooden Heavy Duty Gazebo

Dunster House heavy-duty gazebo  is a well-known UK company that provides quality products and services to all their customers. This heavy-duty gazebo provides maximum shelter and ventilation.

The size is 3.2m X 3.2m an excellent rectangular gazebo for your hot tub or an outdoor party and dining area.

Made with spruce wood this gazebo is durable the wood is pressure treated and has guaranteed protection from rot and insects for ten years before you have to retreat it. (low maintenance on your part)

Key Features/Pros

Strong Post
The post is thick and extra durable to support the roof with additional timber braces for a solid structure.

High walk-through Height.
Are you tall? Or inviting tall guests? Then I’m pleased to inform you that the Dunster House gazebo has a walk-through height of 1840mm(6’) or over so the chances of bumping your head is low.

Tight Sealed Roof 
The roof installation is tongue and groove. Meaning each piece seals tightly providing extra support and a seamless look.

Short Assemble Time
With two persons this wooden gazebo kit takes 1-2 days of assembling time.

The Dimensions

External Width / Depth: 3.20m (10′ 5″ (3.17 m)) / 3.20m (10′ 5″ (3.17 m))
Ridge Height: 3.04m (9′ 11″).
Internal Eaves Height: 2.26m (7′ 4″ (2.24 m)).
Timber: Spruce.
Uprights: 145mm x 145mm.

Cons -Simple design.


Checo Home And Garden Pavilion Gazebo Pergola 

Another lovely wooden garden gazebo by Checo Home and Garden this is bigger than the octagonal Pavilion above and great for large families.

Unfortunately, the decorative roof shingles you see in the picture are not included in the price, but still, overall it’s money well spent and one of the best wooden gazebo for hot tub.

The same perfect combination of pine and spruce that is strong and lightweight it’s a beautiful design you’re sure to love and admire.The Checo Home and Garden customer service is impressive and responses quickly to all your inquiries.

Key Features/Pros

This gazebo has a solid wooden structure and steel foot holders that keep your gazebo firmly to the ground.

Pressure Treated.
Pressure treated timber protects your gazebo against rot, decay, fungal and insects as well as extend the longevity of the wood.

The Checo Pergola is large enough to fit a table and chairs and for a family of 5-7 who loves to dine outdoors.

The Dimensions.
Height: 302cm 9ft 11inches.
Length: 13 feet and 1 inch (400cm).
Width: 13 feet and 1 inch (400cm).
Overall weight: 810kg.


LIVEOUTSIDE Brompton Small Wooden Gazebos

The smallest on the list, isn’t the Liveoutside Brompton one of the most beautiful gazebos you have ever seen? This gazebo is easy to install as every structure comes with a set of screws and a detailed step by step instructions through the process.

The timbers are pressure impregnated using an advanced formulation of permanent wood preservative which protects your gazebo from decay, weathering and insect attack.
The roof is felt tiled — A felt tiled roof is lightweight and easy to repair when damaged.

Key Features/Pros

Two people could erect the structure in a few hours a DIY project you are sure to enjoy see for yourself.

Ten years of protection
Liveoutside Brompton has a ten years warranty against rot and insect attack as long as you the gazebo has no direct contact with the ground otherwise the durability of the wood decreases.

The Dimensions

Balustrade height -85 cm.
Length (depth) with posts-182 cm. 
Inner length- 168 cm.
Eaves height- 190 cm. 
Ridge height- 280 cm. 
Width with posts- 210 cm.
Inner width- 192 cm.

LIVEOUTSIDE Brompton – Hexagonal Wooden Garden Gazebo should be installed on a flat concrete slab which is unlikely to sink or break up. The concrete must have a thickness of 50 to 100mm.

Cons Small.


Bottom Line
You will enjoy the beauty and versatility of every wooden gazebo kits all are well-made and will last many years all are pressure treated and spacious except for the Liveoutside Brompton.

The strongest wooden garden gazebo is the Dunster House the price is over £1,000, but it’s an investment worth taking.The most stylish gazebo is the Checo Home And Garden Wooden Pavilion Octagonal while the Liveoutside Brompton is a private and intimate space for one or two persons to converse and admire their garden.