Strong weights for gazebos, are ideal when entertaining guest and relaxing under your pop up, your day doesn’t have to end due to your gazebo blowing away.

Therefore, with anchor or sand weights your canopy is secured to the ground and has a better chance to withstand windy conditions.

Spending that extra money will benefit you in the long run as securing your pop-up should be your number one priority. I have done my reaseach to find the perfect weights for any budget.

In no order here are five heavy-duty weights for your gazebo:

Goutime Marquee/ Weights For Gazebos (Sand Bags)

Sand bag weights

This gazebo weight stays stable on different surfaces; these include sand and concrete. They secure your pop-up, legs tight to the ground and has adjustable fasteners (Velcro straps) that keep your weights from getting loose.

Each bag holds 40lbs of gravel, sand, dirt or water. One of the benefits of using sandbags are you don’t have to carry these weights around you can empty the bags before and after and fold them for storage.

You are purchasing a set of four weights.

Each cylinder bag is double stitch, for extra durability this is awesome! Because you don’t want the weight bags to burst with the added materials.

Indeed, you don’t have to use this sandbag with Goutime only but can use them with other brands of gazebos. With durable material of 600d oxford fabric that will last you a long time, you can find this sandbag at your favorite online stores for a great price.

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ABCCANOPY Outdoors Weight for Gazebos (Drum Weights).

gazebo weights

Drum canopy weights are fixed around the legs of your gazebo and don’t take up too much space like the sandbags.

It’s the ideal choice for weddings and special event because they are easy to blend with decoration. They are perfect for every size and shape of any gazebo and are available in sets of four.

The clipping system makes it easy to assemble and disassemble within minutes. Similarly, these drum weights are made from sturdy plastic that is filled with water or sand.

If it’s a windy day, you should use sand to fill the drum it’s messy to clean, but it’s worth the hassle as for calm days water is perfect.

When filled, with water these weights holds 8kg and with dry sand, it carries 11.5kg.

Like the sandbag weights, they keep any size of pop up firmly the ground.

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Crocodile Trading Weight For Gazebos (Cast Irons)

weights for gazebos

Unlike the two weights mention above this cast iron weight are hard to carry around. They are heavy-duty and are specially made to prevent your gazebo from lifting off the ground and snapping from the frame.

Excellent for stacking each weight is 13kg and when purchase you are given a set of four this adds up to 52kg. That being said, they fit 50mm size poles comfortable and the absolute choice for square legs gazebos.

Crocodile Trading is a popular family company based in the UK and has excellent customer service. Customers have given this company all praises and five-star ratings.

Recommended for Gazebos Sizes

3m x 3m.
3m x 4.5m.
3m x 6m.

Although they are difficult to transport, they will add one of the strongest holds to your gazebo and give them added support for every event.

Recommend for home use such as patio and garden gazebos.

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QuikShade Canopy Weight Plate Set

plastic weights for gazebo

These disc-shaped gazebo weights are another excellent choice for square leg pop-ups. They are not as expensive as the cast iron mention above but will still add 5 kg to each leg of your gazebo.

The Quickshade plates are water resistant that increases the longevity of the weights, yet another excellent stackable weights for extra support. They are easy to install as you have to slip them on the legs of your gazebo.

The maximum leg width should be at least 1 1/8 inches if your pop-up legs are larger than this, then you should consider sandbags or a different size of weights.

Reviewers are pleased with the overall functionality of this weight set. They are praised on how well they kept your gazebo in place and received a four out of five rating which I found to be great!

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weights for gazebos uk

A favorite for commercial use the ABCCanopy weights has zipped chambers that hold up to 25 kg each of sand, gravel or dirt. Its Velcro straps wrap around the leg of your gazebo and fit every size.

It does the job! This is keeping your gazebo on the ground another great company that provides high-quality products and services. However, if you are planning to use sand, it’s a good idea to place a plastic bag first then add the sand. It makes cleanup faster and for equal fill of each compartment.

The ABCCanopy weight bags have super durable fabric made from high-quality materials. They outline the pockets with neon colors that make it easier to be seen ( so you would not hit them with your car). It stands out in events and may not look that great with decorations so beware!

There were no complaints of broken zippers and straps. Overall, it’s an excellent buy and a steady set of weight bags.

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Related Questions On Weights For Gazebo

gazebo questions

Do I need Gazebo Weights? Yes, you do! Gazebo weights give you peace of mind knowing that your gazebo has protection against heavy winds. It’s better in the long run as it saves you money.

How Many Weights Do I Need? It all depends on the size and the weather. If it’s a calm day, then one weight per leg is required. On a windy day use as many weights as you can to keep your gazebo secure.

It is best to walk with extra weights as the weather is unpredictable.

What are the cheapest gazebo weights? The most affordable weights are sand bags and drum weights.

What’s best gazebo weights for square legs? The Sandbag weights and cast Iron.

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