A lot of gazebos can withstand the weather year-round, however, long-term exposure to the elements can drastically shorten the lifespan of even the most durable gazebo.

In this post, I will share with you some ways to protect your gazebo in the winter. Sometimes gazebo owners are unsure of the simple steps that can help you maximize the longevity of your gazebo.

Cover or remove all Gazebos Furniture

If you don’t want to remove your gazebo furniture, you don’t have to. I have some friends who leave their furniture all year round, and their gazebo didn’t suffer because of this.

However, you can remove all the curtains and pillows and store them in the garage or outdoor storage box. Deuba outdoor storage box features an all-whether and allows for easy access. After, clean your outdoor furniture so, it’s free from seasonal debris and covers them.

I use the King Do Way outdoor covers since it protects all the pieces in place so; I don’t have to move any of my outdoor furniture.

Clean Your Gazebo before and during the Winter Season

First, you need to clean out any Summer dust or dirt, gazebos that have canopy roof can carry a lot of dirt on them.

Grab a soft brush and a hose and start from the top and wash where necessary. One of my favourite post, (how to waterproof your gazebo) will give you are detail guide for washing your canopy gazebo.

For pop-up gazebo, wash and disassemble the gazebo and store it in the carry bag. Most manufactures recommend not to leave your pop-up throughout the winter.

During winter, wooden and metal gazebo roof will collect snow. This can cause serious damage to your gazebo, causing it to rot or rust. Also, if you have a canopy roof, it can collapse because of the weight of the snow.

With the proper precautions clean off the snow and sludge that is collecting on the roof of your gazebo so you can protect the integrity of your metal or wooden structure.

How Do I Protect My Gazebo In Winter?

pop-up during winter
Store pop-up away during winter

It is best practice to treat your gazebo before the winter since snow is basically water it can soak into your wooden structure and wreak havoc. So, a durable wood preserver like Roxil instantly waterproof and reduce mould growth.

For your metal gazebo Action Can has an easy-to-use anti-corrosion spray that prevents rust. By spraying your metal gazebo with a quality anti-corrosion spray, you can prevent premature rusting.

For pop-up gazebo after waterproofing it in the summer, during the winter if you have to leave it up. Use a winter cover for added protection Quick Star has an easy to use and durable cover for 3x3m.

Gazebo In The Winter Q &A

Can you use a gazebo in winter?– Yes, you can still use your gazebo during the winter.

Can you leave canopy up in winter? No, I would not recommend leaving your canopy or pop-up during the winter. Even the strongest pop-up may not survive the snow and wind.

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