How To Light Up Outdoor Trees Year-Round?

Professional landscape lighting is an excellent way to enhance the look of your outdoor property. There are a variety of lighting fixtures, depending on your application.

Therefore, using strategic fixture selection and placement, you can convert your dark and spooky trees at night into the main focal point of your exterior setting. One of the common ways to illuminate trees is through uplighting. You can utilize uplighting in many scenarios to showcase features in your landscape.

So, how to light up outdoor trees year-round? There are a few things to consider as you plan your design. The first is the viewing angle, the density of the canopy, and the best lights.

The Viewing Angle For The Trees

You should determine if you’ll need to light the tree from multiple directions based on its location. This will help you calculate how many fixtures you must use. Most people use two spotlights, but you can use 3-4 depending on the size of your tree.

Further, the size and the shape of the tree, for example: Is it a small or newly planted tree? Or is a palm or oak tree? This information will help you choose the placement of the fixtures and how powerful they need to be. It will also help you determine the perfect beam angle; narrow, wide.


Another factor to consider is the dense canopy of the tree. This may only allow you to light it from the outside. However, if the tree is open enough for direct light, you can illuminate it.

The Best Lighting fixtures

In the future, if you are adding additional light, purchase a transformer that can withstand the increased load of new fixtures. Moreover, once you have considered the size, shape, and the dense canopy of your tree, you can now shop for lights.

For trees up to one story in height, you will need a led fixture that puts out 280 lumens like the  ECOWHO Garden Lights Spotlights who features waterproof casing and easy installation.

  • Two story trees- 380 lumen.
  • Three story trees or more -1600 lumen.

There are a lot of fixtures available that are suited for tree uplighting a few examples are the GU10 Outdoor Garden Spike Light, B-right 4 Packs LED Garden Spotlights and for some colour, the Lemonbest outdoor lights.

It is a great idea to experiment with different fixtures, as it will allow you to test a variety of lumen and beam angles until you have achieved your desired results.

Similarly, with research and practise, you’ll soon create great tree lighting and stunning nightscape that will improve the beauty of every property.

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