Metal gazebos will beautify your patio as they not only enhance them it gives you the protection you need to relax under the sun, get in tune with nature or dining outdoors. 

The most popular gazebos are the 10×12, 12×16, 12×12, and 12×14 aluminum metal gazebos are the most common because it combines affordability with style.
It’s a permanent decision that would change the way you look at your patio and to help you with your choice we have provided you with the best for your patio.

Glendale All Weather Permanent Gazebo

Relaxing outside is now comfortable with the Glendale Gazebo 3.3m is just perfect. You can fit chairs read, write, and watch movies on your phone or tablet it’s an ideal gazebo for every patio.
Glendale 3.3m is an elegant but simple look it’s the perfect polycarbonate gazebo. The roofing is rust free this will give your outdoors a stylish look that would not change in the years to come.
Key Features/Pros
What’s the Dimensions?
The Glendale has a roof width of 3m, a roof length of 4m, height edge of 2m, Internal Leg to Leg 357cm x 257cm and a Height to top of the roof: 2.8m.
Is it stable?The roof is made from polycarbonate plates; polycarbonate plates can withstand the elements without deteriorating and is UV protected as well as fixings at the base of the legs which provides extra stability in case of heavy winds.

Is it Lightweight?
The aluminum makes it easy to move around.

Privacy curtains.
Perfect price.
Easy to assemble.

Unattractive curtains.
polcarbonate gazebo
Strong Frame
Metal Gazebos
Removable Curtains

 Palram Palermo Garden Gazebo

Yes! It’s pricey, but you can’t beat its modern look it would give you patio that extra push, a top-rated metal gazebo is priced higher than £1,000 so expect to pay more and adjust your budget accordingly. 
The Palram Palermo Garden offers lots of shades for your friends and family another polycarbonate gazebo  you will fall in love with.

Key Features

Space For Decorations
Do you love decorating? If so this gazebo gives you space to hang flowers and lights most metal gazebo doesn’t give you the space to hang anything. You would be happy to know due to the design hanging decor is easy.

An all Round Favorite.
You would think this metal gazebo couldn’t get any better, but your wrong they offer roof ventilation for barbecue grills and a cool smoking area. It takes half the time than regular hardtop gazebo to assemble, and the instructions are straightforward.

What Are You Buying?
The box contains-1 x Four-legged structure 1 x 6mm Twin wall Polycarbonate Panels 1 x decorative wind escarpment 1 x integrated gutter heads 1 x pre-drill profiles pre-cut panels 1 x Step-by-step assembly instructions.

Reduce 80% off Sun
Anchoring Kit Included
Wind Escape Element
Mataince Free
Shipping Fee
Palram Palermo Garden Gazebo
Palram Palermo Garden Gazebo
Fit Furniture easily

Garden Classics Luxury Swanbourne Gazebo 

If you haven’t found one that fits your style then look at the Garden Classic gazebo concerning a modern look you wouldn’t see anywhere it’s a metal top that provides you with endless shade and fresh breeze.
One of the cheapest metal gazebo in the market this garden gazebo sole purpose is to provide a space where you can entertain guests, dine outdoors or relax.

 Key Features/Pros
The Size 
The Garden Classics has a dimension of 80 x 110m triangle corner post, and the roof is 3mx3m with a footprint measure of 2.m x 2.7m. You can comfortably fit a small table and chairs with a little space to walk around.

It’s stable Roof
Similar to the Palram the Garden Classics has polycarbonate roofs this means it is lightweight making your gazebo easy to install and capable of withstanding extreme temperature this enables the panels to last for many years without fading or discoloring remaining damage free for many years to come.
What’s the assemble Time?
It takes two persons to erect with an assembling time of six hours.
Privacy curtain Included
Given the price, it surprised me that the manufacturer offers free privacy curtains and mosquito net. The curtains are mocha which blends well with the gazebo frame, and the curtain is waterproof in case water blows in.


Easy to assemble.
Clear Instructions.
12 months warranty
Panels tricky to assemble.
Garden Classics Luxury Swanbourne Gazebo
Roof panels and curtains
Garden Classics Luxury Swanbourne Gazebo
Steady Frame

Outsunny 2M Hexagonal Patio Metal Gazebo 

If you haven’t found one that fits your style, then look at the Outsunny Hexagonal Patio Gazebo one of the cheapest metal gazebos in the market this garden gazebo sole purpose is to provide a space where you can entertain guests, dine outdoors or relax.

Privacy curtain that prevents prying eyes and bugs from flying in with UV-protected polycarbonate panel that offers protection from direct Sun which harms the skin, other features include the powder-coated frame, water-proof, and UV resistant polyester fabric which ideal for parties and weddings.

Key Features

Is it Stable?
Hell Yes!
The Out Sunny 2m is stable the stylish railing adds stability to your gazebo and the six top ribs and twelve grounded stakes provide durability during the rainy weathers.

Is it Versatile?
This gazebo is versatile it looks amazing in your patio/backyard and is ideal for social gatherings.


Privacy curtains.
UV protected.
Easy to assemble.
Unattractive curtains.
Outsunny 2M Hexagonal Patio Metal Gazebo
With Curtains
Outsunny 2M Hexagonal Patio Metal Gazebo
No Curtains
Last Thoughts
There are many benefits of a metal gazebo you will find them to be durable because metal is sturdy the structure is less likely to twist or break.
Gazebos are exposed to the elements as all my choices are powder coated to prevent rust, and this will last longer compared to pop gazebos.
As a metal gazebo owner, you will notice they’re minimal care and is easy to clean compared to wooden structures.